A nonlinear story
video, sound, dance, performance

time table

19:00 opening

19:30 film projection:
dans l’entre le carré sommeille Siana

20:00 live music by Winona Lin & performance by Anais Poulet


As the ballerina spins,
Each spin creates a new chapter of the story

A Shadow in the mirror rubs a flight of joy. Scattered reflexions of wheezing. Crawling, struggling, on the verge of hope. Breath of freedom at the corner of the tear apart fractal.

Wind around wind around

Eventually all those spins turn back to itself, creating a whole

dans l’entre le carré sommeille

Between two worlds where the being seeks a new body. A heartrending mutation in the middle of the ruins in the vestiges of time.



co worker – siana

Anais Poulet – Frédéric Krauke – Laura Lukitsch – Sasha Pascal – Winona Lin

Anais Poulet: Dancer, project inspired. Winona Lin: creative ideas in story, sound. Laura Lukitsch: editing, visual inspired.

Sasha Pascal: editing, visual inspired.
Frédéric Krauke: camera, organisation & realisation of the principal filming.

Anais Poulet / anaispoulet.com

Anaïs Poulet is a performance artist and dancer. Her work is inspired by severals styles of dance, improvisation, somatic movement, butoh and mime. She has been performing with various collectives including Myriam Lamotte’s compagny (Toulon,France), Ornic’art, Asile 404, (Marseille), the project Ungemütlich (Berlin), the project Overlabo (Toulouse, Fr), and a temporary collective of over 10 artists she formed to perform a full moon experiment on the island of Marseille. Anaïs Poulet live now in Berlin where she is conducting workshops and creates connections with visual artists, musicians, performers in the improvisation way.Her work explores cross-fertilization of subjects-material and people, approaching ho- rizons and questioning the other.

Frédéric Krauke / frédéric-krauke.com


Although I originally come from the fine arts, and drawing and printmaking in particular, I have developed my artistic work via photography and short films to include organizing and realizing art events that combine a wide range of media, artworks, and characters of other artists. I also came to use performance art as a way to combine these experiences and transcend my own personal, mental, physical and spiritual limits, often in exchange and international collaborations with other performers and artists. I have meanwhile arrived at my second cycle of life and creation, reflecting on and digesting the experiences of my re- cent years of performance art. Through video documentation and photography of my ac- tions, a return to painting, printmaking, and drawing as forms of human expression, I am preparing for the next steps in this process: a post-modern dance of the sun.

Laura J. Lukitsch / www.laurajlukitsch.com

Independent filmmaker Laura J. Lukitsch is a native of the US who now lives in Berlin, Germany. Her work explores ideas of identity; focusing on those living on the margins of mainstream culture, urban environmental issues, inequality and beauty. Her films include the feature documentary, Park Project Berlin, a film series and virtual museum of parks in Berlin (2017-2019), Beard Club about the social politics of facial hair (2013); web series, Dialogues in Transit, about sustainable urban transportation (2011-2016); LOVE, an instal- lation (2010 San Francisco, 2017 Berlin). Her work has screened at film festivals in the US and Europe; has been featured in news platforms including Upworthy and the New York Times; and has been included in university curriculums and workshops. Lukitsch received her master’s degree in economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India and bachelors in Marketing and Japanese Studies from the University of Iowa.

winona Lin / www.fragment2014.de/winona-lin/

Established „zweiart „ around 2003 , launched by sound and inter- disciplinary artist, she and other likeminded artists, is an art group set to explore contemporary artistic materials and expressions. Formed organically through many collaborative processes, the group is built on the basis of poetics of inner language. Other Arts gives performances live or with pre-recordings by connecting sounds (electronic,human and musical), physical languages, visual images and interactive installation. An essential part of her artistic work are sound art compositions as well as sound installations. From 2003 to 2013, she composed music pieces for international music and dance theater productions in Taipei, including Shepherd and Pigeon, Folk Drum Parade, Flowers in the Mirror and Writing. she studied At the Uni- versity of Music Mainz from 2013 to 2015 in the master’s program KlangKunst-Kompositi- on and at the University of the Arts in Berlin in 2015 she took another master’s degree in Sound Studies. in Germany she already realized several sound installations, eg. „The seventh angel“ in Berlin-Moabit, „Invisible Love“ in Trier and „The sound of the labyrinth“ in Mainz. „Siana“Sound Design Installation, and 48 neuköln „over the rainbow“ Sound De- sign Installation in Berlin. ect.. she is also a certified piano music pedagogue, 1992 study at the Robert Schumann Musikhochschule of Duesseldorf , In 1997 took a postgraduate degree at the Musikhochschule of Music and Dance Cologne.