Debinarize Workshop with Cibelle Cavalli Bastos

Following their performance lecture on the concept of the body as an aevtar/interface and deprograming on the 27th, Cibelle will lead a workshop with those who wish to take this conceptual exploration out of the theoretical and into a practical approach to debinarisation of thinking and perception. Facilitating the identification of internalised gaze through a guided activity that explores the physical connection between how we understand concepts of femininity and masculinity, performance and presence within the body interface. The group will then move on to a discussion.

The workshop will run roughly 2 hours. Participation is donation based – we suggest an amount between 5 and 10 euro. All proceeds will go directly to the artist, to support the continuation of their work.

If you wish to participate, please make sure you arrive by 16.15 at the latest, so as not miss any of the introductory discussion and set up.