Why are we naked? An Evening about Objectification and Empowerment.

Talk and Interactive performance with Aja Jane and Kali Sudhra.
April, 5th, 7:30pm, SPRECHSAAL, Marienstraße 26, 10117 Berlin

„Sex sells,“ people used to say. We are not sure if this is still the case. „Reproducing stigma sells“ – seems more appropriate. Who is reproducing? Who is watching? Who has control? When you take off your clothes, is this an act of objectification or surveilled attraction? Or is being naked before the camera and in public an act of empowerment and experimentation? Who is in danger and when is the dangerous avant garde against the normative structure?
Some of these question Aja Jane(Performance Artist & Model) and Kali Sudhra (Performance Artist & Sexworker) will answer or rephrase.

Aja Jane is a performance artist, nude model, and photographer from Vancouver, Canada and before the talk she will do an interactive performance. She trained and worked as a professional ballet dancer in North America and throughout Europe before moving to Berlin to explore her other artistic interests. Beginning with nude modelling in 2016, she quickly became a collaborator and muse to top photographers throughout Europe, with numerous publications and awards. Throughout 2017 and 2018 she gained notoriety in the Berlin club scene for her provocative and emotional performance pieces at legendary parties and venues such as Pornceptual, KitKat Club, and House of Red Doors. More recently, Aja has started exploring the other side of the camera, and has been lauded for her analog self-portraiture.

Kali is a queer, POC, sex worker and educator passionate about creating inclusive and accessible spaces for everyone to talk about sexuality and all it’s complexities. Through her lived experiences and her work she seeks to dismantle white supremacy in the media and make way for BIPOC to reclaim spaces within the art communities. In her free time she can be found organizing gatherings and protests, reading on a park bench, on her bicycle around Barcelona, writing letters, or performing in front of a camera.